A little about what i'm currently doing and what i enjoy


Hi! I'm cirocosta on Github, cirowrc on Twitter and ciroscosta on Google+. You can get in touch with me on these places :). If only interested on what i'm doing, go check my public activity on GitHub. I'm there everyday :P

I'm currently 20, studying Actuarial Science at the University of São Paulo (USP) - which is a course that i felt in love regarding it's specificities and how it relates to both economics, mathematics and computation (in Brazil there's a VERY little number of startups doing something interesting using actuarial science ... i really hope to do something with the knowledge i'm obtaining from this area that is so small here in Brazil. If you want to discuss something relating to this - actually, regarding anything :P - get in touch!).

Also, i just started giving talks recently (and loving it! sharing knowledge is awesome). Some of them can be found on cirocosta/talks.

Interests and what i've done so far

I'm someone who jumped from one technology to another some various times, although not having so much time in programming. As i'm now trying to focus, currently my interests are:

I also have some sort of experience with Android (~8,9 months developing intensily + a talk gave at GDG-SP: talk). For sometime studied about Machine Learning related topics (completed 50% of Stanfords's ML Course on Coursera 75% of Introduction to Data Science - sadly was with no time to complete them).

Last but not least: I'm passionate about OSS.